What We Do

CPR serves people affected by violence including:
Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Elder Abuse
Child Abuse

Our trained advocates provide the following services:

Crisis Intervention:  Help in crisis situations including accompaniment to the hospital or law enforcement center, peer counseling, and referrals to other emergency services.  CPR operates a 24-hour crisis information line (347-4991) staffed by trained volunteers.

Emergency Shelter:  Up to three days of shelter in local motels.  During that time, advocates work with the individual to help find permanent housing or to relocate to another area where there is support.

Services for Individuals with Disabilities/Language Needs/ or Other Special Needs:  Appropriate services and referrals are made to best serve individuals with disabilities or mental health needs.  CPR offices are ADA compliant.  Translation services are also provided in all languages through the language line, and we have Spanish-speaking staff and materials.

Peer/Group Counseling:  Assistance with physical and emotional needs of each person both one on one with a trained victim advocate and in group therapy sessions co-facilitated by a mental health counselor. This helps a survivor of these crimes rebuild their lives and move past their victimization.

Financial Advocacy:  CPR advocates assist clients financially as is needed and available to help them recover. In addition, CPR advocates provide financial empowerment training which teaches how to manage finances and build future financial stability.

Criminal/Civil Legal Advocacy:  CPR advocates assist individuals with understanding the legal system and working with law enforcement and prosecution, including assistance applying for Crime Victim’s Compensation forms. Also, Family Violence and Stalking Protection orders can be explained and filed through our office. CPR provides referrals for assistance with divorce, child support, child custody, SSI/SSDI, and immigration matters.

 In addition to our other services, sexual assault survivors are also eligible for the following:

Confidential Advocacy:  CPR operates a rape crisis line 24 hours a day staffed by volunteer victim advocates trained in assisting sexual assault survivors.

Forensic Exam:  CPR advocates can accompany a victim to the hospital while a “rape kit” exam is conducted.  A forensic exam can be performed anonymously without reporting to the police and at no cost to the victim.

Emergency Medical Assistance:  CPR advocates can help with referrals for pregnancy testing, STD testing, and mental health counseling.

How I Can Plan For My Safety
There are a few things one can do to keep safe while living in or leaving an environment of domestic violence and abuse.  Preparing to leave, leaving, and after leaving an abuser is the most crucial time to maintain safety.  A survivor’s safety is most at risk during and leaving the abuser so taking measures to be safe is important.